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Tech is hot, and the job market is great, but you already know that. Bet you didn’t know what the best cities are for tech jobs for women, however, so check out our comprehensive list below: 1.  Washington, D.C. With only a five percent pay gap and with 39% of the city’s tech jobs going… Read More

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Girls and women have for far too long been underrepresented and undervalued in both STEM careers and educational settings. There is no shortage of data to reflect this unfortunate reality. Take, for example, Microsoft’s study that shows that most girls become interested in STEM in school at around age of 11, but their interest starts… Read More

The Best Chemistry Books for Girls

Exciting the young scientist in your life is easy with the many great science books that are available these days, and the subject of chemistry is no exception. Finding the best chemistry books for the girls in your life means reading reviews, studying table of contents, and diving into the ins and outs of available levels… Read More

The Best STEM Toys & Games for Girls

Toys and games that develop girls interest in STEM from a young age are the perfect way to encourage planning, critical thinking, and problem solving. By providing girls with opportunities to play with STEM toys, we open up the possibilities of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math from a young age. We reviewed dozens of STEM… Read More

The Best Physics Toys for Girls

Physics toys for girls can be a fun and engaging way to foster a love of science. Not to mention, these toys are an excellent way to see how physics applies to objects in real life. It can help make difficult to understand topics more accessible and interesting. We reviewed several dozen physics toys for… Read More

The Best Math Books for Girls

Math is an important skill for kids to learn, but many books and toys gear math skills toward boys and their interests. However, there are math books for girls of all ages. Some are geared toward young girls, while others help with high school topics. We reviewed dozens of math books for girls to find… Read More

The Best Engineering Toys for Girls

Getting girls involved in engineering occupations has been an increasing concern. It is no secret that men greatly outnumber women in many of these professions, which can lead to inequality and large wage gaps. When you only have one gender sharing their ideas in a field, there is no doubt that you’re missing out on… Read More